Today, CAE is heavily relaying on a fully functional and optimized IT environment. We are experts in helping customers to speed up their processes. 

We have been working with optimization of CAE-environments through scripting in many different scripting-languages. It ranges from small scripts running on standalone PC’s up to large HPC Linux clusters.

What we offer!

  • Big data
    • Analyse and process big amount data
  • Automated modelling and meshing
  • Pre-processing scripts
    • Automated modelling and meshing
    • Apply loads and boundary conditions
  • Post-processing scripts
    • Automate the post-process, evaluate >1000 result files in minutes
  • Standalone applications
    • Tired of Excel? We develop complete standalone applications based on your need
  • Python, Matlab, VBA, Shell-scripts



Python courses

Do you want your team to learn Python?

We offer Python courses for you or your entire organization with the following topics:

  • Basic Python
  • Advanced Python 
  • Build your own applications with a GUI
  • Languages: Swedish, English


Contact us here:

I'm interested in the Python course

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